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Escort casting

If you are looking for a reputable escort agency to live out your passion as an escort lady with high discretion, you are exactly right with us!

We arrange lucrative customer meetings for you. We look back on many years of experience in the escort service and enjoy a good reputation among both the escort ladies and customers. We act as a broker for professional attendances to classy national and international customers.

So, if you enjoy being in cultivated company, meeting successful men and experiencing erotic adventures, fashion, lifestyle and wellness are part of your philosophy and you can be both the sexy vamp and the charming, sweet girl next door, then with us you have the perfect partner at your side.

We are looking forward to your application!

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Frequently asked questions:

What differs La Passion Escort Berlin from other agencies?

Our collaboration is based on trust, fairness and candor. We back you 100 % and always have a sympathetic ear for you.

If you are a novice in the escort sector, we will talk to you in detail about your ideas and entry opportunities, so that you can slowly approach this business. We always help to arrange the right date for you. Finally, you should feel comfortable. Because only if you feel comfortable, the customer can feel comfortable.

Which client base is addressed?

Our clients are mostly gentlemen of the old school. Normally, it is middle-aged businessmen who are courteous, demure and polite. They will give the woman heaven on earth and attach importance to the fact that the lady lacks nothing and it will also be a great evening for her.

Our clientele consists primarily of men who have come a long way professionally, such as managers or entrepreneurs, for whom your service is not a financial problem. Educated gentlemen with excellent manners who are on a business trip and want to spend their evenings not alone, but in the company of an attractive woman.

The men usually reside in the best hotels and enjoy many pleasures that make life more pleasant. They like to have an educated woman at their side who has the know-how to carry out her job professionally and discreetly. Often the gentlemen are much older than you or come from different parts of the world. Ideally, you speak at least English, in the best case several languages.

What are the duties of La Passion Escort Berlin?

We arrange requested appointments from customers to self-employed escort ladies. The cooperation with a reputable escort agency is clearly different from the other usual areas where it is just about sex. We have clear tasks and a strong company philosophy. As a self-employed escort lady, you do not work for, but with us. We undertake the following tasks for you:

  • advertising / marketing
  • coordination of appointment requests
  • consulting

Advice and care of the ladies are particularly important. Many women do not register a trade in the escort area, so first the tax and commercial conditions must be clarified, we are happy to help you.

Then we advertise for you on our homepage. Authentic photos and a small text in which you briefly introduce yourself, of course, help to present yourself and your optical benefits. However, no false image should be conveyed. If a customer has a certain idea of his escort, he should of course also get what he has booked at a meeting. The opposite does not help anyone and only causes discontent among all involved.

Your expressive “comp card” will also be placed on other corresponding portals and should inform the guests as much as possible about you, your character, service and preferences, so that no questions remain unanswered. Many also rely on the advice of our agency. Some guests also have special clothing requests or requirements. Of course, a longer booking duration also presuppose corresponding consulting. The respective dates and meetings must be planned and organized. The safety and punctuality of the ladies have top priority, hence structured scheduling and detailed arrangements are of utmost importance.

What does La Passion Escort Berlin offer?
  • competent, honest advice
  • absolute confidentiality
  • high-quality advertising platform
  • possibility of being represented by several agencies
  • identity protection
  • organization / marketing
  • forwarding of booking requests
  • individual advice on “comp card” creation
  • possibility of free time management
  • constant availability by phone
  • anonymized photos
  • assistance in business registration
  • years of experience
  • sophisticated (inter)national customers
  • fair conditions
  • no admission fees / penalties
What is expected of you?
  • minimum age 21 years
  • groomed appearance
  • style, charisma, personality, self-confidence
  • good general education / manners
  • interest in current events (in economy / politics)
  • interest in culture
  • language skills at least in German, English
  • conscientiousness, punctuality, reliability, discretion
  • candor, empathy, humor
  • possession of stylish wardrobe for various events


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