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All ladies visit you exclusively in your private rooms or in the hotel. They are also happy to accompany you to private, business or social occasions. Depending on this, you can spend a few hours, the evening, the night, a day, a week or even a vacation with the attractive ladies.

Since all the call girls we arrange live a normal bourgeois life, availability and dates can be limited by all means. This guarantees you maximum exclusivity!

Short-term bookings are always possible, but cannot always be realized. We therefore ask for a timely booking!


The fees of the escort ladies are considered to be remuneration for the time in which you can enjoy their company. We do not give any content-related warranties for certain services. Travel expenses are a lump sum. They include posts such as travel catering and taxi costs. They also cover the time required for arrival and departure to the agreed venue. All costs during the shared time (e.g., hotel bills, entrance fees, drinks, etc.) are to be paid by you directly on site. The travel costs are the arising expenses for train and flight ticket, car, etc. These are to be reimbursed to the escort lady separately. You can find out the rates for the booking directly via the respective profile of the lady of your choice. There is no separate calculation of travel costs within Berlin! The basic price includes the normal erotic service. Please ask for extra service by phone, as each escort lady determines the amount for desired extras herself.


If you are unable to attend the appointment, please let us know at least 12 hours within Berlin or 24 hours out of Berlin in advance – only then will we be able to refund all payments made until then. Otherwise, we would like to point out that we have to retain 50 % of the amount for incurred costs.


Basically, nothing stands in the way of an extension of your meeting with one of the escort ladies, depending on the continued availability of the lady. Please hand over the additional fee for this directly before the start of the extension. Please do not be irritated if the lady informs us briefly by SMS about the extension, this is solely for safety.

Delay for your part

If you are unable to make the appointment on time, please let us know at least 45 minutes in advance. Otherwise, we would like to point out that we have to invoice the waiting time in full.

Premature discontinuance

If you find out during the appointment that you cannot take advantage of the entire booking time, we would like to ask you to reward the escort lady for the time actually spent together. Any incurred expenses, travel expenses, etc. will not be refunded. If you find out right at the beginning of the meeting that the chemistry is not right or the lady unfortunately does not meet your expectations, you can of course cancel the appointment immediately. In this case, only the remuneration for the lady’s arrival will be due.

Means of payment

In order to keep discretion, only cash payments are accepted. Please hand over the agreed fee to your date at the beginning of the meeting in an unsealed envelope. Checks and credit cards are unfortunately not accepted! We are happy to advise you on this by phone.

Enjoy your harmless and equally unforgettable rendezvous with a charming escort lady!

La Passion Escort is an advertising platform for self-employed escort ladies!