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Opening hours: daily from 12:00 h - 22:00 h 

Mistress Anda

  • Lacquer, latex, rubber and leather

    Experience the fascination of authentic, innate dominance.

    Playfully, I will drive you mad, recognize your weaknesses and seduce and dominate you by hook or by crook. Controlled and directed by an experienced hand, ecstatic and heady moments will lead you to the limits of your existence, make you addicted to more.
    The dominant and sadistic streak is in my blood. My passion for SM developed early on. Submission does not correspond to my nature; I am the born leader and doer. I feel at home in the wide world of SM with all its facets and forms.

    Don’t let my appearance fool you. I may look lovely and girlish, but there is a little playful devil in me. At first, I enchant you with my slim, dainty figure, my blonde hair and sweet smile, then I show you what atrocities I am capable of. I refuse sexual contact – that would be too easy and I will not make it so easy for you. As a master of staging, perfect in perversion, with a sadistic streak, but yet equipped with the necessary empathy, the correct feeling and instinct for the needs and desires of my counterpart, I will carry you off into the fetish world. I don’t have to pretend to be dominant, it’s my character and comes from the innermost.
    I especially relish long-term education combined with intensive play. In addition to the passion for latex, I am also enthusiastic about technology that allows me to control and let you experience. I always perceive my guests as a game partner and offer as authentic a role-playing game as possible, in which I can act both gently and extremely.

    If, above all, the chemistry is right, then the fun is guaranteed for both and that’s how it should be after all. It is not always easy to get a snap appointment with me. My calling is not something casual, but a part of me and for that I have to feel like playing. This is very important to me and that is the only reason why I have been working in the fetish and bizarre escort business for many years.

    Let yourself be surprised by the erotic and bizarre possibilities!

  • Profile

    • sex: female
    • age: 35
    • height: 160 cm
    • weight: 48 kg
    • figure: slim
    • size: 34
    • cup size: 70 B
    • hair color: blonde
    • eye color: green
    • private parts: shaved
    • sexuality: bisexual
    • shoe size: 39
    • piercing: no
    • tattooed: no
    • origin: Germany
    • languages: German, English
    • smoker: no
  • Preferences

    • genital whip
    • exciting strokes
    • extreme whipping
    • Flag with multi weals
    • golden shower active
    • riding crop
    • corporal punishment with cane
    • strokes with strap, paddle, hand
    • gag
    • punishment
    • TV education
    • latex lessons
    • trampling with bare feet / high heels
    • foot eroticism
    • lust torture of all kinds
    • facesitting
    • intercourse with a slave
    • permanent enslavement
    • contract of slavery
    • anal stimulations
    • strap-on dildo
    • (too) tight collar
    • hot candle wax
    • ice cubes / cold on the body
    • role plays
    • soft electric games
    • master / slave (BDSM)
  • Fee

    • minimum booking duration 2 hours: 550 €
    • 3 hours: 800 €
    • 4 hours: 1,000 €
    • 5 hours: 1,200 €
    • 6 hours: 1,400 €
    • 7 hours: 1,600 €
    • 8 hours: 1,750 €
    • 10 hours: 2,000 €
    • 12 hours: 2,200 €
    • 24 hours: 4,000 €
    • 48 hours: 6,000 €
    • 3 days: 7,500 €
    • 5 days: 8,500 €
    • 7 days: 9,500 €